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For a long time there has been a long standing popularity of Acrylic, and Hard-Gel nail enhancements. Why not, in this a day and age where we can alter and enhance almost everything about ourselves a lot of us start with our nails.   Most people who wear Acrylics and Hard-Gel gravitate to them because they are unhappy with their natural nails. The general complaints are their nails are to thin, weak and break easily, peel and split, or are to short and generally unattractive. Acrylic and Hard-Gel nail enhancements definitely addresses all these issues and with pink & white’s, nail art that includes glitter tips and fades, bling and charms; they can be beautiful and so much fun to wear. However what of natural nails. What if you don’t want to wear enhancements? What if you want to tackle the issues of natural nails in the healthiest ways possible with little to no damage to your nails?Are there services for Natural Nails? Absolutely and your neighborhood Manicurist has all the services your natural nails want and need!


 Getting regular manicure services are wonderful because besides being soothing and relaxing, a manicure has other benefits also. Manicures tidy up the nails and gives them a nice shape. Cuticles are properly addressed and cared for. Painful hangnails are removed and prevented. Damages in nails like fragile tips, wear and tear, and splits can be prevented. The standard massage with cream, increases the blood circulation in hands which improves the health of nails and skin. Take the benefits of a manicure to the next level by adding on skin care treatments like exfoliating scrubs or collagen anti-aging, super hydrating wrap and mask treatments that exfoliate and improve the texture of nails and skin. 

ibx banner If your nails need extra strength repair or you want to get back to natural nails but dread soaking off your acrylics or gels because your nails will be so week and flimsy try the brand new IBX, from Famous Names or  Natural Nail Boost, from LCN. I have not seen any other nail strengtheners on the market that work as well as these two. These two products address a hole host of nail problems, such as peeling, splitting, ridges, weak and brittle nails. Get this as a stand alone service or add-to your Gel Polish service for added protection and strength.  


banner6  When Soak Off Gel Polish hit the market it changed manicures forever. No more chiping and peeling after only 2 days. No more waiting for nails to dry only to ding and dent them when you reach into your purse to get your keys. Soak off Gel Polish gives long lasting wear with unbelievable shine right up until you soak it off, which can be up to 21 days later. Plus since it cures in the UV Lamp there is no drying time. Add a clear Structure, and/or Vitagel (vitamins for your nails).

Minx2Nail Appliques by Minx and Dashing Diva, are so much fun and they really dress up natural nails; they are like fashion for your nails. We were first introduced to Minx Nails, by Beyonce in the mid 2000’s and their popularity has skyrocketed.  Minx nails are best worn over natural nails (but can be worn over acrylics and hard gel) and come in all different colors and designs. They last for about a week by themselves or can be top coated with clear gel polish for up to two weeks of wear.

press wrapsFull Cover Nails (yes press on nails) have been around for a long time, however these have been totally revamped. When time is of the essences, or for nail bitters and/or you want special nails for an event, like a wedding or prom without the commitment, press and go nails are the way to go. These are not the press on nails of years past they are light and thin and very comfortable to wear for up to two weeks. French Wraps are very new. Get the perfect french application on your natural nails then top coat with traditional clear polish, gel polish top coat, or acrylic or hard gel.

 These services for natural nails and more are available at Ten Over Ten Nails & Spa in Vancouver, WA. click the lick below to book your appointments online.

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