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Watch Me Work: Mood Changing Matte Polka Dots Gel Polish

What us Work! When it comes to your #nails being moody is a beautiful thing come check out our selection of #moodchanging #chameleon #gelpolish and #acrylicpowders We also have #GlowInTheDark…

Pantone Fall 2015 Colors

It’s Not Oxblood…It’s Marsala

The 2015 Fall color pallet is out and it is full of beautiful colors that you will be seeing in this years fashions and accessories. And although, yes it is…


Natural Nail Boost Gel

Natural Nail Boost Gel (NNBG) is a solvent-resistant permanent natural nail base coat that is designed to protect the natural nail and ensure that nails grow to be beautiful, strong…


No Service For Natural Nails?

For a long time there has been a long standing popularity of Acrylic, and Hard-Gel nail enhancements. Why not, in this a day and age where we can alter and enhance…

Toenail Restoration

Prosthetic Toenail Restoration BAREFOOT by LCN, a true breakthrough in cosmetic toenail correction. It’s the perfect way to achieve normal looking toenails. Barefoot is highly effective for the cosmetic treatment of toenail damage resulting from a…

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