Do You Hate Gel Polish?

November 10th, 20150 Comments »

12219382_1775574162670125_3001627168539898730_n (1)Gel-polish… some people love it, but some people don’t. The people who love it do so because it is so different from traditional polish, it’s in a class all on its own. Weeks of flawless wear with no dry time, no traditional polish does that. For the people who don’t love gel polish the most popular down sides are the use of a safe UV lamp and the removal with acetone. The big question is: Is there a polish for people who want all the things we love about gel-polish in a traditional polish? Yes there is! Its call Caption Nail Polish by Young Nails and its lifeproof. Its has the best of both the traditional polish and gel-polish worlds. We have it at Ten Over Ten Nails and Spa come in and give it a try. Online booking www.10over10nails.genbook.com




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